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You can track your order with us. Go to order history on My Account, and you will see where your parcel is. Just have a little patience as the parcel will not be shown directly after you place an order, but rather when it has been packed for delivery.

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If you have any questions about invoices, payments you have made or or anything else to do with finances, Klarna will help you. Ring them on +46 08 120 120 10 or log in on My Klarna Account to see previous payments and invoices.

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This is where we have gathered the most common questions and answers that our customer service receive. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, then of course you should get in touch so that we can help you find the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions
Most frequently asked questions

Can I edit my photos?

„Yes we can“. Just click the symbol in the upper right corner of any uploaded photo and the editor will magically appear. Now you can change proportions, color, contrast, saturation and levels. Happy editing to you!

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How do I print my pictures from Instagram?

Simple! Start with login in to Printasquare, then select a product. You will now see two options for selecting photos. The first one is called „My Photos“ (this is where you upload photos) and is preselected, the second one seen in light grey is called „Instagram“. Select „Instagram“ and click the „Connect“ button. Login in to Instagram and your photos will magically appear :)

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I want to change or cancel an order I made, is that possible?

We have very little opportunity to cancel or modify an order after it has been placed. So that you get your things as quickly as possible the developing process begins automatically once you have placed your order.

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I want to work with you. Are you interested?

We are always interested in opportunities for collaboration. Read the information you find here and then contact our customer services. The enquiry will be handled by our head of collaborations.

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I have only received part of my delivery – when will the rest come?

Your products will be sent in different shipments as delivery times vary between products. Therefore, they may arrive a few days apart (here you can see the delivery times for each product).

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Why does my developed image not look quite the same as on my screen?

Screens and printouts have different conditions for presenting pictures. A dark picture or dark parts of an image can be perceived darker in print than on-screen, because the printout does not have the same possibility of showing details the way a telephone or computer screen does. Pixels or ‘grains’ (commonly occurring in the Instagram-world’s filters) may also become more prominent in print than on screen.

We’re unable to do anything about these potential differences. If you are unsure how your images will turn out, our advice to you is to order just a few pictures first to test and see how they turn out. If you are satisfied with the results, you can then order more.

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Contact Printasquare

Our customer service is staffed weekdays between the hours of 9am-4pm to answer your questions.

Our goal is to answer all questions within 24 hours (one day), and will typically be answered much more quickly than that. If you are a VIP member we kindly ask you to login before submitting you question.

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