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Delivery times

Delivery times for respective products. Remember that you can always check the delivery status via My Account.


Delivery times at Printasquare

We send your order as soon as possible! In the list below you can find the production and delivery times for each product.

When you order products with different delivery times (eg paper and canvas prints), they will be sent in separate packages as soon as they are ready. This means that they might arrive a few days apart. The same applies to products that are not possible to send in the same parcel.

bilder-50 st3-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Fotoposter Kvadrat2-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Magneter Mix – 17 st6-9 arbetsdagar
Klistermärken XL – 4 st5-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Klistermärken Medium – 9 st5-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Klistermärken Mini – 36 st5-10 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Klistermärken Mix – 17 st5-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Kort Vernissage XL2-7 arbetsdagar (Mån-Fre)
Kort Vernissage – 9 st2-7 arbetsdagar (Mån-Fre)
Tavla Klassisk5-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Fotoposter Flex2-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Fotoposter Nano2-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Fotobok Duo6-9 arbetsdagar
Fotobok Klassisk6-9 arbetsdagar
Fotobok Smidig6-9 arbetsdagar
Fotobok Kollage6-9 arbetsdagar
Magnetpussel – 9 bitar6-9 arbetsdagar
Magneter XL – 4 st6-9 arbetsdagar
Magneter Mini – 36 st6-9 arbetsdagar
Fotoposter XL2-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Fotoposter Mini2-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Bilder – 100 st2-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Fotoposter Medium2-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Fotoremsor3-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Magneter Medium – 9 st6-9 arbetsdagar
Fotoposter Kollage2-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
XL Kort – 4 st2-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
Bilder – 9 st3-7 arbetsdagar (mån-fre)
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